Pinetucky Country Meats

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Pinetucky Country Meats

224 W Main St
(478) 419-1230

1053 2nd St,
Soperton, GA 30457
(912) 529-3434

2745 HWY 80 E.
Twin City, GA 30471
(478) 763-4744

Fresh Country-Style Meats

Do you love tender, savory meat? Country style? Well then Pinetucky Country Meats is the place for you. We like to keep things traditional so that's why our butcher hand cuts his meat to order---just like in the old days. And trust us when we say you can taste a difference in the quality.

Some of our specialty meats include t-bones, sirloins, smoked ribs, sausages and other food items like jellies and spices!