Pinetucky Country Meats

Specialty Meats, Spices & More!

If you love the taste of the south, then we know you will love our specialty smoked meats! Packed with savory flavor and freshness, you truly get an authentic account of old-fashioned style meats. And don't miss out on our other delectable foods. We also offer preservatives, spices, a variety of cheeses, fresh vegetables and much more!

Just like in the old days, we cut our meat to your specifications so you get that quality taste every time. Our delectable selection of fresh meats is endless. Choose from a range of tender T-bone steaks, ribeyes, smoked ribs and so much more!




Filet Mignons

Smoked Ribs

Deer Processing

Smoked Sausages


& More!

Nothing beats fresh veggies to accompany your meat! Choose from our garden variety of vegetables including Pinkeye Purple Hull peas, corn, okra and so much more!

We have everything you need and more to perfect a home cooked meal. Choose from our specialty spices and sauces and accommodations! We have it all, even lighter fluid and charcoal to get the grill started!