Pinetucky Country Meats

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Luke in Louisville, GA *****
Very clean,friendly employees.excellent experience
Rose in Adrian, GA *****
The only the pinetucky meats awesome people the employees are very nice is a very clean store in the meats are really good if you would like something special cut the butcher's will cut it for you for your liking I've been going to pinetucky ever since they had open back in Kite Ga. And now I go to the pinetucky meats in Swainsboro . Very reasonable price the very good meats pinetucky has gave swainsboro a boost when they open the store I really like the store in the owner's are really nice people..
Amanda in Lyons, GA *****
Very friendly, quick service and great meat! We get the Low Country Boil bundle and it is perfect! I would definitely recommend Pinetucky to anyone who asks!
Bobby in Jacksonville, FL *****
From deer processing to shopping for quality meats and vegetables at prices even large markets can't compete with. The meats are first class and this family owned and operated business is one of a kind when it comes to customer service and overall quality. Highly recommend!! Your trip to this area won't be complete without stopping here for your grocery needs.
Margie in Statesboro, GA *****
Great people offering great products, worth the drive!
Richard in Kite, GA *****
I am so glad to have found this store so close to our new home. After over 40 years of working for a quality supermarket I was happy to find quality meat and friendly staff in this store. No supermarket in this area can compare with Pinetuckey and their fresh beef, pork, and chicken!!!
David in Swainsboro, GA *****
I have been to this store many times since it has opened. Now this is the only place that I buy meat from. Best quality and service around. Prices are competitive with other big name stores and the sales are great.
Janet in Swainsboro, GA *****
Great people, Great place, and Great Quality Meats for a reasonable price!

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